Bilingualism And Brain Health

Learning A Second Language Boosts Cognitive Function, Even At Old Age


Most of us communicate with one another in a single common language, while some of us are part of the bilingual and multilingual world that can speak and write in two or more languages. Bilingualism can make things like traveling or watching movies easier, while also providing benefits for the brain. In a TED-Ed lesson, “The benefits of a bilingual brain,” Mia Nacamulli explains how learning a second language can boost brain health in the three types of bilingual brains that exist.

“While a balanced bilingual has near equal abilities across the board in two languages, most bilinguals around the world know and use their…

How to Maximize Your Voice Over Brand

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How to Maximize Your Voice Over Brand

Personal branding in your voice over career is creating an image that distinguishes you from the rest of the voice over actors in the market. Branding is an essential part in marketing your voice over business as it gives you the edge and identity in the increasingly competitive industry. But creating a brand does not end with identifying the niche you want to focus on, and how you would stand out in that chosen niche – you should also work on having a strong…

Framingham: High schoolers from Italy, France visit

MAPA President and Framingham resident, Drita Protopapa, is coordinating activities for

a group of Italian/French HS students during their 3 week stay in Framingham for WEP-USA

Drita Protopapa of Framingham talks about Framingham town government to a group of high school students visiting from Italy and France during their visit to the Memorial Building Tuesday.  In the front row, center, is Andrea Leoni, 16, of Milan, Italy.  Protopapa is local coordinator for the students' three-week World Edcuation Program visit to Framingham.  Daily News Staff Photo/Ken McGagh Drita Protopapa of Framingham talks about Framingham…

Reflections on a Life as a Translator – NETA’s 2015 Conference

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NETA’s 40th Anniversary and 2015 Conference


Keynote Speaker, Arthur Goldhammer, tells the story of his long journey to and with translation

This year’s 40th anniversary conference of NETA could not have had a more opportune opening than a keynote address by Arthur Goldhammer, a renowned translator and a recipient of numerous awards, whose most recent translation of Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century has sold nearly a million copies. The story of his long journey to and with translation, initiated only two years after NETA was founded, easily captured the audience’s interest, in spite of its great variety in age and experience. His very personal perspective…

Concentration in Medical Spanish boosts bilingual skills, employability


Mesa, Arizona ~ There is an urgent need for professionals who can effectively communicate in Spanish and address the health, safety, legal and social needs of a widening Hispanic population in the United States.

Currently, there exists a shortage of interpreters and other workers who can speak and understand Spanish in nearly every field, and the demand for these skills is expected to rise as the Latino population increases from 17.4 percent to 28.6 percent of the U.S. population by 2060, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections.

The new concentration in Medical Spanish at Benedictine University at Mesa is designed to confront this challenge. By providing students…

People who speak two languages ‘have better brains’


People who speak two or more languages have better functioning brains, a study found.

Being bilingual increased the size of the part of the brain responsible for processing thoughts than those that speak their mother tongue, researchers found.

Greater grey matter for bilinguals was observed

Dr Olumide Olulade

In the past it had been thought children who spoke two languages at home did less well at school. But recent research found bilingual children perform better on tasks that require attention, inhibition and short-term memory, collectively termed “executive control” than their monolingual peers.

A study by Georgetown University Medical Centre found adults who are polyglots do have more grey matter but those who used sign language did not.

The Benefits of Translating your Website into other Languages

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The internet may have opened up global markets but, as always, there is a price to pay. The prize of international markets is tantalisingly close at hand but only to those who can reach out for it.

While DNS issues continue to blight even the biggest multinational corporations and organizations, it is not just speed and internet performance that threaten user experience.

So many websites continue to have faith in the power of the English language to reach out to all countries and populations.

Their belief is mistaken.

Even in countries where proficiency in English is widespread, there is a marked preference for content in the mother tongue. As for those where it is not,…

37 maps that explain how America is a nation of immigrants

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American politicians, and Americans themselves, love to call themselves “a nation of immigrants”: a place where everyone’s family has, at some point, chosen to come to seek freedom or a better life. America has managed to maintain that self-image through the forced migration of millions of African slaves, restrictive immigration laws based on fears of “inferior” races, and nativist movements that encouraged immigrants to assimilate or simply leave.

But while the reality of America’s immigrant heritage is more complicated than the myth, it’s still a fundamental truth of the country’s history. It’s impossible to understand the country today without knowing who’s been kept…

7 Reasons Bilinguals Are Always Likeable

Bilinguals - Lifehack


In every language you will find traces of the people who use it and of when they used it. That is why Australian English differs from American English for example.

Bilinguals therefore don’t just know 2 or more languages, they also know as many cultures. Since each culture comes with its own world view, a typical bilingual has many, many world views.

That’s what makes them so special. Likeable, you’d say. From their different ways of saying je t’aime to their many ways of making peace, something about bilinguals just keeps pulling in those who get to know them.

Here is a portrait of these people.

1. They Have Great Intuition

Many researches indicate that

Multilingual Voice Over Actress: Drita Protopapa Dumont

Colorado-based Go Voices Talent Agency hired Drita in 2014 to be the English and Portuguese hostess for a series of 9 web-based magazine shows for PGA Tour Latinoamerica. The 1st year of the show was a great success and the producers decided to do a 2nd year… and, Drita was hired again to be the 2015 hostess of the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica! Take a listen to the first 4 episodes in English and Portuguese for the 2015 season!
Esto es PGA TOUR Latinoamérica” is an eight episode magazine show that takes the viewer to Latin America through the eyes of PGA TOUR Latinoamérica’s professional golfers.
1st Episode