We represent a select number of multilingual voice over artists for your voice over needs. In addition, we offer voice over training and personalized coaching, script translation and proofreading, audio recording and production as well as demo creation for new or active VO artists. From translating or proofreading your script to providing you with the talent that brings the project to life, MAPA strives to present your material in the form of high quality audio files in the language of your choice. 

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Drita Protopapa Dumont – Voice Over Coach & Artist (FEATURED)

Drita is an experienced voice over actor with almost 20 years of experience providing voice overs in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. Drita’s voice is best described warm, friendly, expressive and pleasing to the ear. Her versatility and flexibility as an actor can be heard when listening to the range of demos below.



Commercial Demo 1 – Armazen
Commercial Demo 2 – Casa Dos Esportes
Commercial Demo 3 – Folha De Sao Paulo
Industrial (Narrator) Demo 1 – Petrobras
Industrial (Narrator) Demo 2 – Tom Jobim
Industrial (Narrator) Demo 3 – O Cinema Pinta


Poetry Read – Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Commercial – Radio Spot – Next Door Neighbor (Avista Gas, 30 Sec. Spot)

Commercial Demo – Drita Dumont

Narration Demo – Drita Dumont

Phone Prompt- AMGW Directory


Commercial Demo 1 – Chesters
Commercial Demo 2 – Coffee Mate
 Commercial Demo 3 – Country Crock
Commercial Demo 4 – Floris Suite Hotel
 Commercial Demo 5 – Kellogs
 Commercial Demo 6 – Foster Care
Industrial Demo 1 – Cristina
Industrial Demo 2 – Diabetes e-Learning
Industrial Demo 3 – Eva Perón
Industrial Demo 4 – Médicos del Mundo
Industrial Demo 5 – Nuestras Raíces
Industrial Demo 6 – Sexualidad, el cáncer y su tratamiento