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Massachusetts Statewide Contract Holder

“Partnering with MAPA Translations was one of the best business decisions I ever made.Their services made it possible for me to turn my passion into an internationally renowned business!

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Jane Doe

CEO and Founder of Jane Doe Industries Intl.

Does this sound

Like You?

You have an employee training program that's

in English

but many of your employees

speak Spanish

and have a very limited knowledge of English

You have a radio or tv commercial that is airing in your local community or region and you know that you could reach more people if you recreated that same spot

in other

Your clients and customers speak

many different languages

so when they call your business you want your on hold messaging to be available in the languages that they speak.

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(A little bit about our journey)

Our company was founded by a passionate communicator who is continually inspired by connecting people with the resources they need, in the language they speak. As a child of immigrants, Drita was raised with a healthy sense of justice.

Her life’s work is to give voice to those who otherwise might not be heard. She believes that by helping those individuals decode and decipher the information they need, they can make educated and thus EMPOWERED decisions in their own lives.

“During my 20+ years in the field, working on more than hundreds of projects, I’ve specialized in bringing a creative approach to interpreting, translating, and voice over work, all with the goal of bridging any real or perceived gaps in understanding.

That is why I created MAPA Translations & Language Solutions, so that I can bring the expertise needed to ensure information is reachable for people in the communities we serve. To me, connection isn’t enough. This is about truly touching lives – making an impact – through authentic and compassionate communication.”

Drita Protopapa

Founder of MAPA Translations, Inc.