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Today’s Friday feature spotlights MAPA’s Voice Over (VO) Division in honor of World Voice Day!

It’s a big world out there and there are many voices. We believe that our voice over projects provide a way of connecting us across borders, languages and cultures through multilingual communication that is linguistically appropriate and culturally aware.

MAPA works with seasoned voice actors, including MAPA’s Founder & CEO, Drita Protopapa (who goes by Drita Dumont Trilingual VO – you’ll hear more about her acting career next week!) to bring words to life, giving them meaning, strength and personality!

Through our VO Division, we have worked with a variety of clients who needed assistance in the following ways – 

  • Casting multilingual actors for their projects
  • Translating existing English scripts into other languages
  • Coordinating & overseeing audio recording sessions
  • Providing language direction and supervision during sessions
  • Reviewing final versions of multilingual videos during post production

MAPA’s Voice Over Division created the 60 second Spanish version of the TV Spot that featured GNC’s product, Nugenix. We translated the script, cast the Spanish voice talent, oversaw the audio recording sessions, provided Spanish language supervision and coaching, edited the audio and worked with our video production team to create the final spot which aired on Spanish TV in Florida! 

MAPA’s Voice Over division prides itself on using the latest and greatest equipment and the best recording software out there!

Our in house audio engineer has a “great ear” and works closely with the voice over talent to ensure the highest quality output for the final audio we send to our client! 

Do you know what a voice over is?

Just in case you’re not quite sure, here are some examples of the types of voice overs MAPA does –

Radio & TV Commercials
⭐ eLearning Videos
On Hold Phone Messaging / Telephony
⭐ Corporate Training Videos (Human Resources)
Online Educational Support for K-12 students
Corporate, Medical & Scientific Narration

You can also hear voice overs while traveling locally on the subway and buses as well as in train stations and airports. If you’ve ever watched a documentary, you’ve also experienced what voice over is all about while listening to the narrator’s voice tell the story to accompany what you see on the screen!

What’s next?

Do you have a project that requires voice over and that needs to get out into the world in more than one language? 

Get in touch with MAPA Translations, Inc – Voice Over Division today to find out how we can help!

With light and gratitude, 

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