Today’s feature was a tough one for me to write. Why? Because it’s about ME!

Today, our Friday Feature story spotlights my work as a voice actor and gives you a little bit of the back story too!

Did you know that I have been a trilingual voice actor (in English, Portuguese, & Spanish) for almost 25 years?

It all started during my days in Houston when I was working a full-time job at Baylor College of Medicine and also moonlighting as an on-camera actress. 

One of my former college professors from Rice University, Dr. Joan Rea, also a multilingual actress, called me up one day and said:

“Pastorini-Bosby Talent asked me if I could think of anyone to fill in for me doing Portuguese voice over while I’m abroad running the exchange program in Chile… I thought of you!”

I wondered… “What IS voice over??”

Intrigued and excited, I decided to start auditioning.

In fact, my first audition (and gig) was for NASA!! I was selected for the narrator’s voice in Portuguese for the International Space Station’s video that was going to be sent to Brazil!

And the rest is history!

One of my favorite things about being a voice actor is the diversity and variety of the work. One day I might be recording on-hold messages for Florida Blue or National Grid and the next I might be recording an eLearning module for use internationally by HR departments across the globe!

During my 25 years in the business, I have been the voice of:

  • PGA Tour Latinoamerica webseries (English & Portuguese)
  • National Grid’s 1-800 number for the NE Region (Spanish)
  • Lexia & Curriculum Associates modules for K–12 students (English)

When I’m not behind the microphone, I’m providing direction and guidance for other voice actors as a coach, language director, or supervisor on multilingual projects!

I see my voice acting work as an extension of the work we do at MAPA Translations. Voice acting is also a way of bridging communication with others in multiple languages, reaching people from a diverse range of countries and cultures!

Whenever possible, I also like to host (and participate in!) voice over workshops and training.

In September 2017 I hosted the incredibly talented, funny and delightful Elley Ray, a powerhouse actress from Canada, for a day-long workshop called “Unlock Your Authentic Voice”. I can’t wait until the next workshop!

Fun Fact: My acting name is “Drita Dumont” – easier to say than Protopapa and it just rolls off the tongue!

If you want to listen to my voice over demos and find more about my voiceover work, click here:

How do you use your precious instrument, your voice, to make a difference in the world? I’d like to know!

Always remember, your voice matters!

With light, love and gratitude,


P.S. If you want to book a complimentary “intro to voice over session” with me, hit reply to this email and we’ll get it set up!

P.P.S. Also, if you have a project in mind that needs voice over or you are wondering how you can use voice over to get your multilingual messaging out to the world, hit reply and we’ll find a time to chat ALL about it!

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