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Have you seen Brene Brown’s special “The Call to Courage” on Netflix?  She covers the fascinating relationship between courage and vulnerability.  

It’s an important topic for business owners who are out there trying to make a difference.  Because if we stay in the safest place possible, we cannot create something new.  But if we step into the vulnerable space where safety isn’t guaranteed, we can find connection, innovation, and make progress.

Brene’s book “Daring Greatly” has been translated into 32 languages.  And in her Netflix special, she showed how publishers all over the world interpreted her message of courage and vulnerability.

Depending on the country and the culture – the book cover’s message was drastically different!

📖 The Korean Cover was humorous and silly

📖 The Swedish cover resembled a poster advocating against child abuse

📖 The Lithuanian Cover depicted an oblivious kayaker being stalked by an enormous shark

How can one book be interpreted in such vastly different ways? You’d be surprised!

As Brene said about the covers … “This is not what I had in mind, but this is what people think.”

The next time you think your message may be straightforward and couldn’t possibly be interpreted any other way – think again!

Written texts are always subject to interpretation – some interpretations may be surprising and funny, but others may have more serious consequences.

That’s why your translations should always be culturally aware.  Do you have a translation project and need guidance on how to handle it? 

Get in touch with MAPA to see how we can help.

P.S. If you want to check out the clip, it’s 6 minutes into the Netflix special! 



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