Click To PlayBelieve it or not, most folks don’t know how many modes of interpretation there are or why selecting the right type of interpretation for a specific assignment is SO critical!

Interpretation is no simple task – there are so many factors that determine how it’s done, the type of skills the interpreter needs and specifically which language variant is best, especially for a language like Spanish that is spoken in so many different places around the globe!

As an interpreter myself, and as someone who hires interpreters to carry out assignments on my agency’s behalf, I know that the most critical part of the job actually takes place before the job even starts!

Some examples of questions that need answers are:  

– Who is the audience/where are they from?
– Where will it take place?
– How many people will attend?
– Who is(are) the speaker(s)?
– Will there be a power point presentation?
– Is there Q&A?
– How long will it last?
– Are there printed handouts/materials?

… before the proper mode can be selected and the right interpreter chosen! 

The two most common interpretation modes are Simultaneous – where the interpreter provides the interpretation in “real time” and Consecutive – a message is conveyed (a few sentences) and then interpreted after the speaker has paused. 

Do you want to learn more about the types of interpreting modes we use to convey multilingual information?

Do you know someone who could benefit from learning more about this field either because they need the assistance of an interpreter or perhaps because they want to become an interpreter themselves? 

Are you curious to learn more about the intricacies of the written translation process or discover how voice over is truly an interdisciplinary field where community matters a lot?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions then please join MAPA Translations (and invite others to join too) virtually on Wednesday, September 30th, from 12-5:30 pm for our Annual International Day Celebration!

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with language experts who will share their thoughts about how we can best communicate, especially during these challenging times, via written translation, interpretation AND multilingual voice overs! 

Registration is FREE! To get all the details and register, click HERE! 

Did I mention that the afternoon wraps up with an informal social hour with our expert panelists at 4:30 pm? Can you say informative AND fun?

With light and positive vibes always, Drita

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