Transitions and changes aren’t always easy
, but I have to say … I really do LOVE the transition from summer to fall and the changing weather (and colors!) this transformation brings. 
“Sweater weather”, as I like to call it, is upon us! This, in turn, means that school is starting again and life goes back to the hustle and bustle that the fall season brings. School supplies. Forms. Homework. Sports. And, of course, the battles over bedtime, screen time, and downtime! For those who don’t have kids, I wonder – what’s this transition to fall like for you?? 
Whether you have kids or not, I feel like we all sort of follow the academic calendar. It seems to dictate many things in our lives including time off, holidays, and it leaves summer as the quieter, slower, and a more relaxing season for a good number of us! 
As I think about my youngest (a 9th grader) and his back to school “experience” this year, I have mixed feelings. I am saddened knowing that he will go through multiple learning modalities, but am ultimately happy and hopeful knowing that he is strong, resilient, and determined to get through his freshman year successfully! 
And, when I think about all of the public school districts we work with, I feel hopeful, positive, and determined, like my youngest, that we will be successful in continuing to provide interpretation (phone, video, and in-person) as well as written translation services for all of them. Without these essential services acting as a communication bridge and lifeline, I am certain that the many immigrant families we serve would have a less than optimal “back to school” experience this year. 
Speaking of experiences … We have something to celebrate this month, too! Can you tell I like celebrations?
September is National Translation Month and the 30th is International Translation Day. To honor this important month and day, we will continue sharing content on our social media with regular posts including  “Translation Tip Tuesday”, “Throwback Thursday”, “Ask the Translation Expert” (Thursdays, 12 noon via Instagram Live), and “Friday Features” (stories about our incredible interpreters and translators). 
We’re also planning our first virtual event on September 30th from 12-6:00 P.M., which will bring together top experts in interpretation, translation, and voice over from all over the globe! 
If you’re interested in joining us for this event, please click here! More details coming soon …
Wishing you a great end of summer and transition into fall! 
May you stay positive, strong, healthy, and determined to meet this transformative season with as much grace and joy as humanly possible! 
With gratitude, Drita
P.S. If you have a “back to school” or Fall Equinox story you’d like to share with us, please post them on our social media platforms or send us an email!

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