Gratitude is a catalyst for happiness!

Would you agree?

Today I’m reflecting on how my feelings of gratitude have contributed to my happiness!

I deeply and strongly believe that my happiness (and health, for that matter) are directly related to how grateful I am for this present moment, for the people in my life, the fulfilling work I get to do every day and the incredible women in my circle!

How blessed are we? We had SO many women we wanted to feature that we extended our Friday Features into November and doubled up our posts on most days in October! 

Please take a moment this week to check out the full feature stories on the amazing women featured in this photo and support them by following them on social media, liking/commenting on their posts and sharing their stories in your circle! 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday! 

With gratitude, Drita

P.S. Use the hashtag #buywomenowned to support small, women-owned businesses during the holiday season and beyond! 

The Buy Women Owned website has a searchable directory of women-owned businesses to make it easy for you to find and support them! 

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