My favorite way to show my gratitude is by sharing stories of women in my circle that are doing great things, making a difference in their communities and contributing significantly in their respective fields of expertise! 

You may have seen that we started Friday Features on our social media pages back in mid-September in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. We had such an amazing response that we decided to expand our features in October to honor National Women’s Small Business Month. The Friday features were so popular and well received that they turned into DAILY features and now we’re planning out a whole series of features throughout the entire year! So exciting!

For November our features are focusing on our three nonprofit partners – Dignity Matters, Neighbor Brigade & RIA House – in honor of Gratitude Month AND we’ve also planned a few special, upcoming features for National Native American Heritage Month

 I’d love for you to take a look at these special features about the women shown in the photo collage. So, head on over to our social media pages and LinkedIn to read the full-length feature stories!

I hope you’ll join me in making a commitment to support (or continue supporting) small businesses of ALL kinds with a special focus on women-owned businesses. 

When you support Women Owned businesses, you are investing in women’s economic empowerment, gender parity in commerce, vibrant communities, and the growth of the economy overall. Buying Women Owned is both socially conscious and economically sound!

Your support for Women Owned businesses is an investment into a future of economic success, innovation, and equality! 

Forever grateful for the support I’ve received as a women-owned, small business these past 13 years! 

With gratitude in my heart, 


P.S. Use the hashtag #buywomenowned to support small, women-owned businesses during the holiday season and beyond! The Buy Women Owned website has a searchable directory of women-owned businesses to make it easy for you to find and support them! 

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