Summer Reflections, Drita Protopapa

How is summer (or winter if you’re in Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, etc.) treating you? So far this summer, I’ve been focusing on what’s bringing me the most joy, in the hopes that by focusing on the “happy” things, everything else will seem a bit less overwhelming and stress-provoking! I sure do hope you are doing well, feeling safe, and staying strong!

Speaking of strong, the words “resilient” and “resiliency” have come up a lot lately in conversations, social media posts, newsletters (!), and magazine articles. This got me thinking … people have often told me that I am “strong” and “resilient” … and now, in the quieter days of summer, I’ve started to reflect on “why” they might say that!

Here are my reflections … over the past seven or eight months, I’ve had the privilege of working with a stellar team of business coaches and virtual assistants (ask me about that if you want to know more!). In our coaching sessions and meetings, I have been able to talk about the kind of entrepreneur I see myself as and I’ve started to really evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. I know, fun, right? LOL

The one thing that keeps coming up over and over is that my style and attitude of “jump first, then see IF there is water in the pool”, plus my spontaneity, have gotten me where I am today, 13 years into the business. My conclusion is that this way of doing things is what prompts folks to say I am “strong” and “resilient”. It makes sense to me, how about you? 
I’ll leave you with some food for thought … perhaps you can take time to reflect on your work style and business attitude. Or, maybe you want to think about what makes you tick, the “why” behind the words that people choose to describe you.  If that all sounds too deep and intense, then think about your next vacation or what you’re going to make for dinner tonight! 

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With strength and resilience,


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