I often get this question, Why should I work with a translation agency? 

And, as you may have guessed … I have LOTS of answers!

The first thing I want to share with you is my firm belief that working with the right translation agency is a very smart move for a business, nonprofit organization, government agency, or educational institution looking to reach people that speak a language other than the one they use to communicate regularly. 

Over the years many people have approached me saying that so and so’s son or daughter is a college student who speaks Spanish and did their semester abroad in Spain. They figure, “I’m sure they could translate our website and marketing materials since they speak Spanish.”

On the surface, it sounds pretty reasonable and could be cost-effective and heck, you’re helping out a college student – who doesn’t love helping college kids? However, translation is a tricky business because it turns out language is pretty complex and nuanced! Imagine if you had a document or website that you wanted to translate into multiple languages –how many multilingual college students do you actually know? 😉

A huge benefit of working with a translation agency is that they do the vetting of the linguists for you – they work with professional, trained, experienced, and highly-knowledgeable translators, editors, and proofreaders. Also, they have teams of people working in different language pairs that can handle projects in multiple languages, with a large volume of words and extremely tight turnaround times. 

Although it sounds great to help out your neighbor’s kid, it doesn’t sound (or look) great if your translation is full of mistakes and misinterpretations. How embarrassing is it to have your website go live in Spanish only to find out that your company’s tagline was mistranslated or had a syntax error!

It says a lot to your clients, customers, students, and community when you translate something properly into their native language. Quality matters, it matters A LOT to us! 

And, because quality matters so much to us, we decided to start what we’re calling Translation Tip Tuesday – be on the lookout for our social media posts with the hashtag #translationtiptuesday! 🙂

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