We’re all passionate about something, right?

Whether it’s creating a safe playground for your kids, fighting for indigenous land rights, or working towards equal pay, I know that you have a passion! 

If you’re passionate about a cause and are actively trying to change your community, we want to know!


Do the right thing… 

Sometimes the “right” thing is also the hardest thing to do! 

Maybe it’s a matter of igniting that spark inside, that inner activist!

Speaking of activists, how would you describe what it means to be an activist?

Some may say that being an activist is as much a “calling” as it is a profession. Simply put, you see something wrong or unjust in the world and you decide that you want to change it!

There are many ways to be an activist and do the right thing for any given cause. You could petition lawmakers, be part of a community-wide peaceful protest, or you could offer your help and advocacy support to a single victim of social injustice. 

What small action can you take today in your community to make a positive change for others? 

Dig deep and start with what you’re passionate about! Your passion will lead you to “do the right thing”! 

Calling all passionate activists & changemakers! 


If you or someone you know is taking action to make positive changes in your community as a leader in politics, public service, or as an activist, please let us know!

We’d like to feature your story on our social media platforms this month!

If interested, you can simply contact us and we’ll follow up with additional details!

Looking forward to hearing from you and spotlighting community changemakers all month long! 
– Drita

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