June Reflections, Drita Protopapa

Duality seems to be the theme of the day in my life (and yours too, perhaps?). I am 100% working from home, virtually, which is awesome because I don’t have to face traffic, or my wardrobe for that matter! That’s some of the “up” side …

The downside (yup, there’s a downside!) is that I am faced with additional responsibilities like cooking three meals a day for my eighth grader, being his go-to tutor for ALL subjects, overseeing his daily activities, including monitoring video game use and screen time… I should be happy that I’m getting to spend more time with him, right?!?!? 

Let’s be honest … when you’re used to working by yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet of “country living”, any additional noise, distractions and responsibilities can feel frustrating and disruptive. Well, at least that’s how I feel sometimes. Sigh.

Mixed feelings. Roller coaster emotions. Communication barriers. Sound familiar? 

Like I said, duality is my new theme for 2020. As I started to reflect on this, I realized that I am much like the number thirteen (read on, don’t think that I’m saying that I am unlucky, please)! The number thirteen is generally considered to be an unlucky number, but it is actually no more or less lucky than any other number! Who knew??

Here comes my geeky side … beware! What if we broke the number thirteen down into a “1” and a “3”… We can look at 13 as 1 + 3 = 4; so, now we have 3 numbers to consider. The essence of the number 1 is “exploration” and “self-sufficiency”, number 3 is “creativity” and “teamwork”, and number 4 is “pragmatism” and “focus”. Nice, right?

You could conclude then, that the essence of the number thirteen combines these qualities and perhaps can be summarized like this: imagine having a clear vision of a secure foundation for the future and certainty about the steps you need to follow to build it. Nothing can deter you or steer you off your path. That’s thirteen! <3

The moral of the story – I wouldn’t mind being more like the number thirteen. How about you? From now on, I will consider it a LUCKY number and it’s going to help me (and maybe some of you too) get through the uncertain times ahead!

With this new admiration of the number “13”, I would like to announce that we will be doing thirteen installments of this e-newsletter for the remainder of 2020. This is the first “issue” or edition – stay tuned for the next one in 2 weeks!

My goal for the “Latest & Greatest” biweekly updates is to provide you with helpful information and tips about communicating in a multicultural and multilingual world as well as announce any upcoming events and activities such as our annual international women’s day celebration!

May you be well, stay safe and most important, LAUGH often! 

Warm regards, Drita

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