Part 2: Teamwork makes the dream work! 


Today’s Latest & Greatest “Tuesday Thoughts” is all about the importance of what we do behind the scenes at MAPA to ensure success on each and every translation project!

In our opinion, it’s not possible to create clear, accurate, and effective translations without a team of people working together. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

Following up on the example of a written translation that we introduced last week, we’re going to share the steps that we take once a project has been approved by our client.  

“Behind the Scenes”

We pride ourselves on being thorough when it comes to the translation process! 

Our project management team takes these steps as part of phase 1 of the translation process: 

  • Review of the source file (most often in English) 
  • Preparation of the source file for the translator or linguist #1 (we make sure the file is compatible with the software programs they use and any translation memory programs too!)
  • Write up detailed project instructions so that the linguist is 100% clear about the project expectations and deadlines
  • Creation of the bilingual glossary or additions to an existing one

Phase 2 of the process includes: 

  • Review by the 2nd linguist or proofreader
  • Updates to the bilingual glossary based on the proofreaders’ edits/suggestions
  • Additional review by the 1st linguist, when necessary
  • Final in-house review by the MAPA project management team to check for any inconsistencies in formatting, fonts, page numbering, etc. 

Sometimes there is also a Phase 3 which would include an internal review by a bilingual staff member or other outside consultants. This is someone that the client would engage with to have this phase carried out. 

Once the comments and suggested edits are received from the client’s reviewer, the translation team then reviews and updates the translations accordingly and creates a final, “clean” version for the client and for our internal files and future reference. 

As you can see, ensuring quality translations is not just the responsibility of the translation agency or translation team. From the get-go, it’s a team effort! 

Our goal is that the translated version(s) in the “target” language(s) always looks and has the same “feel” as the original!

The golden rule of translation – nothing added, nothing taken away! 

At MAPA, we work hard on our quality control process that ensures we create translations that do not feel like they were translated. 

We want the ultimate recipient or reader of our translations to feel as if they were originally written in that language. 

With light and gratitude, 


P.S. Do you have a project that needs translation or multilingual voice over? Get in touch with us today – you can reach out to us directly –! We’re ready, willing and able to help!

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