Translation & Localization

Reaching your audience in a language other than your own can be a daunting task! MAPA Translations offers solutions to help you bridge the linguistic and cultural gap you face. Our translation and localization experts help you reach your target audience by translating and adapting your text, website, or product information from one language to another while taking into consideration the specific cultural and linguistic aspects of your target market.

When comparing translation to localization the latter adapts the translation to your specific target audience or market, whereas straight translation is more “generic” and meant for a wider audience. Translation is the key to reaching a larger market because it allows your message to be understood by all speakers of the target language. Through translation an entire group of people will receive your message with global consistency. Localization allows you to further connect with your market by using culturally specific idioms, metaphors and the like. When you choose localization, this translation option lets your specific target audience know that you care about their culture and language and are also interested in establishing a unique relationship with them.  

Whether we are translating or localizing, our process for completing your project is very similar. Our experienced translators prepare the first draft of the translated text and then that version is sent to a proofreader who checks for any omissions or misinterpretation (if any) of the original meaning and ensures that there are no grammatical errors. The proofread version is then reviewed internally at MAPA by a project manager who then makes additional formatting changes, if needed, to ensure that the final version of the translated document accurately reflects the original in all aspects.